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Unitization of cargoes

Langh Cargo Solutions’  Product Manager Markku Yli-Kahri talked at Business Forum’s Baltic Sea Freight Market and Ports –conference about how the increased volumes of containerized break bulk cargoes affect the speed of the transportation.

As the market is forced to use more and more cost-effective transportation methods, Mr Yli-Kahri mentioned that one time- and cost-saving method is to unitize the break bulk cargo already at the factory. The Sulphur Directive causes also pressure in unitizing cargoes because it is no longer profitable to transport bulk cargoes on large vessels or on vessels with no scrubber.

Additional information is given by:

Product Manager Markku Yli-Kahri +358 (0)40 059 5959,

High-resolution photos and the presentation are available at our material bank.

The Langh Cargo Solutions -product family includes several transportation methods, which are suitable for transportation of heavy and sensitive steel products, heavy bulk products and even for flexitank use. Langh Cargo Solutions has set as its goal to be “Superior in Steel Transport”.


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