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Langh Cargo Solutions provides special containers for demanding transportation needs. We offer transportation units for coils, sheets, bulk and liquids. We serve our international customers globally and units can be leased or purchased from us. If you don’t find a suitable container from our product offering please let us know your requirements and let’s find a solution together. Contact us and let us tell you more about how Langh Cargo Solutions’ containers speed up your deliveries.

Langh Cargo Solutions’ first inventions were inaugurated in early 2000, beginning with the Side Open Container, suitable for transporting heavy cargo, and the Cradle Tween Deck, for transporting heavy steel coils. During the more than ten years since they were introduced, these methods have been used to transport steel from the Bothnian Bay across the stormy and rough waters of the North Sea without a single case of cargo damage.

Mode of operations


Innovative logistical solutions for seafaring and intermodal transports

Langh Cargo Solutions is undeniably a forerunner in developing customer-focused shipping solutions. We take into account all aspects of the transport chain and we familiarize ourselves with our customers’ products as early as in the production stage, because we strongly believe that transportation is an essential part of the production process.


Well-planned transportation that is an integral part of production can free up a significant amount of capital bound in stock. The process from raw material to the user of a finished product becomes shorter due to innovations in transportation.

Our goal is to develop solutions that make it possible for our customers to take care of their transports efficiently, flawlessly and economically. We travel together with our customers towards smaller quality costs.¨

Simultaneously save time and improve safety at work


In addition to keeping cargo safely secured in its place, Langh Cargo Solutions’ solutions speed up the stuffing and unstuffing of cargo. For example, the securing of steel coils is faster, easier and safer without disposable securing material.

On our container pages you can find more information about the special transportation units

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