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Transporting steel in containers

Transporting heavy steel products in containers has become more topical as ever, as the new container designs have solved the problems connected to the safety. The advanced securing methods have, in the same time, removed up to 75 % of the time used for stuffing and unstuffing of a container.

The presentation Laura Langh-Lagerlöf gave in St. Petersburg in the Baltic Sea Freight Market & Ports 2012 Conference was met by an interested audience.

The functionality of the transportation system was admired especially as the statistics of Langh Cargo Solutions prove undeniably how the new containers eliminate cargo damages.

Additional information is given by:

Commercial Manager Laura Langh-Lagerlöf +358 (0)40 583 8874,

Product Manager Markku Yli-Kahri +358 (0)40 059 5959,

High-resolution photos and the presentation are available at our material bank.

The Langh Cargo Solutions -product family includes several transportation methods, which are suitable for transportation of heavy and sensitive steel products, heavy bulk products and even for flexitank use. Langh Cargo Solutions has set as its goal to be “Superior in Steel Transport”.


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