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New steel coil containers

Langh Cargo Solutions’ new cradle containers have been classified for railways. The 40’ and the 20’ cradle containers make the transportation of steel coils both easy and economical as there is no need for special coil wagons – normal container wagons for standard containers are all that is needed.

This latest classification complements Langh Cargo Solutions’ intermodal container fleet and proves that even large steel coils can be containerised.

The 20’ cradle container has previously been classified for rail carriage, and the new classification also brings the clapper bottom container to rails. The clapper bottom cradle container, pictured, can be used for coils and as a flat bottom container, which ensures the usability of the container also on the return leg. Both the clapper bottom and the pure cradle bottom containers can be equipped either with a hard open top roof or a soft open top roof.

With the new railway classification, the 40’ cradle container extends the specialised high volume container for steel coil transports to land transports.

For more information on the containers:

– contact Product Manager Markku Yli-Kahri +358 (0)40 059 5959, or – Commercial Manager Laura Langh-Lagerlöf +358 (0)40 583 8874,

High-resolution photos are available at our material bank.

The Langh Cargo Solutions -product family includes several transportation methods, which are suitable for transportation of heavy and sensitive steel products, heavy bulk products and even for flexitank use. Langh Cargo Solutions has set as its goal to be “Superior in Steel Transport”.


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