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Dream container for the mining and steel industry

The mining industry sets different requirements to containers than many other industries. The transported product is heavy, sticky, and sharp – in one word difficult.

Langh Cargo Solutions’ newest, the 20’ Hard Open Top Bulk Container, is the answer to the wishes of the industry.

The container’s flat walls are made of special steel that is three times stronger than normal Corten-steel; they are painted with a paint that endures the demanding nature of ores or scrap. Due to the flush walls the container is easily emptied in unloading and there is no need for manual removing of cargo residues.

The container’s hard open top roof makes the loading very fast for wheel loaders and the normal bulk hatches on the roof are suitable for silo loading. All the details are designed bearing in mind the nature of the transported products. Shields of the roof’s locking mechanism work as guide posts for the roof and the forklift pockets under the roof make it possible to handle the roof easily with a forklift.

Additional information is given by:

Commercial Manager Laura Langh-Lagerlöf +358 (0)40 583 8874,

Product Manager Markku Yli-Kahri +358 (0)40 059 5959,

High-resolution photos are available at our material bank.

The Langh Cargo Solutions -product family includes several transportation methods, which are suitable for transportation of heavy and sensitive steel products, heavy bulk products and even for flexitank use. Langh Cargo Solutions has set as its goal to be “Superior in Steel Transport”.


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