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20′ Half Height Open Top Cradle Container

The 20′ half height cradle container has been developed for the transportation of smaller coils.


The height of the container is half the height of a high cube container.

The handling of the container is fast and simple, because the container, its roof and the cargo are handled with grippers that are used for the lifting of the coils. A forklift can also be used for container handling.

20' Half Height Open Top Cradle Container HH OTCC 20'

External measurements




6 058 mm

2 438 mm

1 435 mm

Max. gross weight

44 680 kg

98 500 lbs

Lease the 20′ half height open top cradle container when:
  • you want to transport smaller coils efficiently

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Tare weight

4 680 kg

10 320 lbs

Max. payload

40 000 kg

88 180 lbs

Fork pocket




434 mm

157 mm

Pocket center distance

2 050 mm

Number of cradles


Length of cradles

2 190 mm

Max. coil length

2000 mm

Max. coil ø

1 270 mm

Min. coil ø

900 mm

All details believed to be true but not guaranteed.

Langh Cargo Solutions’ products are protected by patents.

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