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40′ Spill Tank Container

The Spill Tank Container is a must choice for container terminals and harbours handling the tank containers.


The 40′ ISO compatible corners and industry standard forklift pockets allow fast and easy handling and efficient transportation of the spill tank container.

The new high chromium ferritic stainless steel used gives high corrosion resistance and maximizes the lifetime of the container.

The 37,000ltr volume type allows the spill tank container to be safely used with all types of 20′ and 30′ tank and IMDG containers. 40′ containers can be used when positioned on top of the corner castings. The detachable roof guarantees that the tank stays clear of, rainwater, snow, dirt when not in use and is always ready for service.

40' valumatankkikontti

External measurements




12 192 mm

2 966 mm

1 430 mm

Lease the 40′ Spill Tank Container when:
  • you want a spill tank container that is easy to handle

  • you want a good corrosion resistance and a long life cycle

  • you use the container in changing weather conditions

  • you want to minimize the environmental risks

Internal measurements




11 722 mm

2 660 mm

1 163 mm

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Max. gross weight

33 600 kg

74 080 lbs

Tare weight

3 600 kg

7 940 lbs

Max. payload

30 000 kg

66 140 lbs

Fork pocket



11 722 mm

2 660 mm

Pocket centre distance

2 050 mm

Internal cubic capacity

37 m³

All details believed to be true but not guaranteed.

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