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Hard Open Top Container 20′ with supporting stanchions

The 20′ Hard Open Top Container’s securing system based on supporting stanchions ensures the immobility of the cargo.


Both steel coils and steel plates can be transported simultaneously in the container.

The roof of the Hard Open Top Container is very easy and fast to lock and open. The door header of the container can also be opened, so that even a standard high forklift can drive inside the container. The reinforced floor of the container can take the weight of a heavy forklift and its load.

20' Hard Open Top Container with Supporting Stanchions HOTss 20'

External measurements




6 058 mm

2 438 mm

2 591 mm

Internal measurements




5 896 mm

2 328 mm

2 289 mm

Max. gross weight

36 000 kg

79 370 lbs

Lease the 20′ Hard Open Top Container when:
  • transporting heavy cargo in containers

  • you want to secure the cargo to the container without disposable securing material

  • you want to stuff the container with a crane or a high forklift

  • you want the cargo to be maximally supported during the whole voyage

  • you want an angular sharp-edged cargo not to cause any supporting problems

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Tare weight

3 940 kg

8 690 lbs

Max. payload

32 060 kg

70 680 lbs

Fork pocket




355 mm

115 mm

Pocket center distance

2 050 mm

Door opening




2 340 mm

2 280 mm

Roof opening




5 584 mm

2 205 mm

Swing header opening width

1 918 mm

Internal cubic capacity

31,3 m³

1 105 ft³

All details believed to be true but not guaranteed.

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