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Cradle Tween Decks

The Langh Cargo Solutions’ Cradle Tween Deck is a safe transport method for steel coils.


Heavy steel coils have traditionally been transported on the tank top in the bottom of a ship’s cargo hold. This makes the ship’s centre of gravity too low and the ship’s movements at sea very violent.

The coils could not be stowed higher, however, because no solution existed whereby coils weighing 25 to 30 tons could be reliably fastened to, for example, tween decks. IMO rules even forbade the transportation of heavy steel coils on tween decks.

Langh Cargo Solutions’ products are protected by patents.

Why a cradle tween deck?
  • transport without cargo damage

  • makes the unstuffing and stuffing faster

  • saves in stuffing costs of the harbour

  • reducing the overstability of the vessel benefits the crew, the vessel and the cargo

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