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The Spill Tank Container ensures the safety of the environment

Langh Cargo Solutions has introduced a Spill Tank Container, which is specially designed for container terminals and harbours in order to protect human health a …

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Adjustment of the transport chain

Langh Cargo Solutions’ Product Manager Markku Yli-Kahri has created an information package regarding the special transports of the industry. The summary was ini …

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Hans Langh is the Logistician of 2015

The Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY (Suomen Osto- ja Logistiikkayhdistys LOGY ry) has selected the Chairman of the Board of Langh Group and …

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Unitization of cargoes

Langh Cargo Solutions’  Product Manager Markku Yli-Kahri talked at Business Forum’s Baltic Sea Freight Market and Ports –conference about how the increased volu …

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ISO tank containers

Langh Cargo Solutions has extended its offering to include tank containers. The novel feature of these new sea containers is that they are equipped for hook lif …

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World record for super heavy container

“We did it,” says Markku Yli-Kahri, Product Manager of Langh Cargo Solutions, proudly. Langh Cargo Solutions’ super heavy 40’ steel coil container is now classi …

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New steel coil containers

Langh Cargo Solutions’ new cradle containers have been classified for railways. The 40’ and the 20’ cradle containers make the transportation of steel coils bot …

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Transporting steel in containers

Transporting heavy steel products in containers has become more topical as ever, as the new container designs have solved the problems connected to the safety. …

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Entrepreneurial Spirit Of Turku Award

Hans Langh was awarded by the Turku Region Development Center in Finland for his long and distinguished career as an entrepreneur. In the above photo, Langh is …

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Dream container for the mining and steel industry

The mining industry sets different requirements to containers than many other industries. The transported product is heavy, sticky, and sharp – in one word diff …

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Shortlisted for two awards

Two renowned trade magazines have chosen Langh Caro Solutions as a finalist in competitions organized by the magazines. Containerisation International has short …

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Langh Ship won the patent feud

The District Court of Helsinki stated in its ruling from 15.4.2011 that two Dutch shipping companies have infringed on Langh Ship’s Cradle Tween Deck patent dur …

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New containers in traffic

The newcomer to the company’s product family, the 20’ bulk container completes the supply of containers that Langh Cargo Solutions offers for lease. The roof of …

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