Cradle Cassettes

The Langh Cargo Solutions’ cradle cassette is a simple and ingenious cargo transportation unit.

The cradle cassette enables the transportation of steel coils in virtually any cargo hold suitable for container transport. The bottom of the cassette corresponds to a 40-foot container.

The cradle cassette can be used for steel coils of different sizes and weights. Coils with a diameter ranging from 1.2 to 2.2 metres can be stowed on the same cassette.

When all coils are loaded in Langh Cargo Solutions’ cradles, the loading and unloading is made faster and the stability of the vessel is optimized. There is no more need for disposable securing material.


40' Cradle Cassette CC 40


12192 mm
2438 mm
870 mm
Max gross weight 200000 kg
440920 lbs
Tare weight 7200 kg
15870 lbs
Max payload 192800 kg
Number of cradles 1
Length of cradles 12192 mm
Max coil ø 2200 mm
Min coil ø 1200 mm

All details believed to be true but not guaranteed.

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Why a cradle cassette?

  • transport without cargo damage
  • loading and unloading is faster
  • load and unload in the order you desire

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