20′ Open Top Bulk Container

The 20’ Open Top Bulk Container has been developed for the needs of the mining industry.

The container’s flat walls are made of a special steel that is three times stronger than normal Corten-steel; they are painted with a paint that endures the demanding nature of ores or scrap. Due to the flush walls the container is easily emptied in unloading and there is no need for manual removing of cargo residues.

The container’s hard open top roof makes the loading very fast for wheel loaders and the normal bulk hatches on the roof are suitable for silo loading. All the details are designed bearing in mind the nature of the transported products. Shields of the roof’s locking mechanism work as guide posts for the roof and the forklift pockets under the roof make it possible to handle the roof easily with a forklift.

20' Open Top Bulk Container OTb 20'


6058 mm
2438 mm
2591 mm

5838 mm
2312 mm
2322 mm
Max gross weight 33950 kg
74850 lbs
Tare weight 3950 kg
8710 lbs
Max payload 30000 kg
66140 lbs
Fork pocket

368 mm
122 mm
Pocket centre distance 2050 mm
Door opening

2312 mm
2284 mm
Discharging hatch opening

2200 mm
600 mm
Roof bulk hatches 3 pcs
Roof opening

5584 mm
2205 mm
Internal cubic capacity 31.4 m3
1109 ft3

All details believed to be true but not guaranteed.

Langh Cargo Solutions’ products are protected by patents.


Lease the 20′ Open Top bulk container when

  • you want to transport bulk and scrap
  • you want to load the container with a wheel loader

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