20′ Open Top Cradle Container with clapper bottom

The clapper bottom container is an extremely flexible transportation unit.

The floor of the clapper bottom container is built to turn so that both coils and products requiring a flat bottom can be transported in it. This container can even be used for the simultaneous transportation of coils and plates, which makes it highly suitable for the delivery of small special shipments.

The container can be equipped either with a hard open top roof or a soft open top roof.

20' Open Top Cradle Container with Clapper Bottom OTCCcb 20'


6058 mm
2500 mm
2896 mm
height cradle bottom  
height flat bottom

5890 mm
2400 mm

2550 mm
2250 mm
Max gross weight 28200 kg
62170 lbs
Tare weight 4200 kg
9260 lbs
Max payload 24000 kg
52910 lbs
Fork pocket

355 mm
115 mm
Pocket centre distance 2050 mm
Number of cradles 1
Length of cradles 5835 mm
Max coil length 5820 mm
Max coil ø 1900 mm
Min coil ø 700 mm
Door opening
  height cradle bottom
height flat bottom

2114 mm
2530 mm
2230 mm
Roof opening

5595 mm
2225 mm
Swing header opening width 1845 mm
End wall strength 1 P 24000 kg
52910 lbs

All details believed to be true but not guaranteed.

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Lease the 20′ Open Top Cradle Container with clapper bottom when

  • you require the container to have both a cradle bottom and a flat bottom
  • you want to transport mixed steel cargo

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