10′ Open Top Cradle Container for steel coil carriage

With the 10′ Open Top Cradle Container, steel coils can be loaded quickly on cassettes for transportation on RoRo vessels.

By transporting steel coils in the 10′ Open Top Cradle Container, the whole payload of the cradle cassette is utilized. This maximixes the amount of steel coils in RoRo-transports.

These containers can be used on the return leg to transport, for example, iron ore, ferrochrome, limestone or steel scrap. Due to the high payload of the containers, they are well-suited for the transportation of raw materials.

10' Open Top Cradle Container for Sea Carriage OTCC 10'


2991 mm
2438 mm
2591 mm

2825 mm
2285 mm
2256 mm
Max gross weight 38200 kg
84220 lbs
Tare weight 3200 kg
7050 lbs
Max payload 35000 kg
77160 lbs
Fork pocket

379 mm
148 mm
Pocket centre distance 950 mm
Number of cradles 1
Length of cradles 2825 mm
Max coil length 2825 mm
Max coil ø 2100 mm
Min coil ø 900 mm
Door opening

2114 mm
2203 mm
Roof opening

2517 mm
2205 mm
Swing header opening width 1918 mm
Internal cubic capacity 12.1 m3
427 ft3
End wall strength 1 P 35000 kg
77160 lbs

All details believed to be true but not guaranteed.

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Lease the 10′ Open Top cradle container when

  • you transport steel coils on a RoRo-vessel
  • you on the return leg transport e.g. iron ore, ferrochrome, limestone or steel scrap

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